Action Step #39–Explore My New City

Downtown Nashville skyline at night
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In three to four weeks, I will be in a city I have never lived in before, and will have only a few friends, if any, there when I arrive.  And I have waited a long time for a new place.  It’s not coming the way I expected it to, nor in the timing I had anticipated, but, well, here it is.  And you know what I’m looking forward to?  Being able to walk places.  Or ride my bike there.  Or drive there in less than 30 minutes one-way.  After having lived in the woods for much of my life, city life is appealing.  Having things nearby?  Kind of a dream.  It may seem petty, and it probably is, but I’m still looking forward to it.  So, I want to take full advantage of my new city, and explore the heck out of it!


Not only will I run through the city, but I’m going to just go on exploratory walks, especially the first couple of months that I’m there.  Find out what’s nearby.  Can I walk to a great church?  Can I walk to get groceries?  Can I bike if walking’s a bit too far?  Can I jog to work?  Can I bike to the Ultimate field?  Can I walk to the park and run there?  Can I find a great coffee shop to hang out in when I just need an evening “alone in a crowd” around the corner?  Where can I meet people?  Where can I hang out and people watch?  So many questions…so many adventures lie ahead.  And I can’t wait to experience them all in my backyard.  Er, my new backyard.


(Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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