Action Step #40–Get Some Cold Weather Workout Gear

Chicago Angel in Winter
Chicago Angel in Winter (Photo credit: SeanSantry)

Until now, I’ve only worked out outdoors in Florida or indoors in Chicago in winter.  And as Chicago approaches as my new home, and no gym membership in sight, I realize that it’s time to get some new work out clothes and ideas going on–I just don’t think shorts and tank-tops will cut it in Chicago during February (the coldest month of the year).  So, time to do some shopping and other cold weather workout preparations.

  • Do some research into what’s recommended for cold weather workouts, both in attire and safety precautions
  • Make a list of what to acquire for clothing and fitness
  • Try on a bunch of new running shoes to find pairs that will work, since my Vibram Five-Fingers won’t cut it in the cold
  • Look online for proper workout attire and equipment
  • Purchase the new workout clothes and equipment right before or immediately after I move (either online, if I feel secure buying something I cannot try on, or in stores)

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