Action Step #43–Travel Less This Year

St. Volodymyr's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral i...
St. Volodymyr’s Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Ukrainian Village, Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




This probably sounds like a strange goal to make.  Most people do the opposite action step.  But for the past 18 years of my life (and I am only just now 32), I have traveled to more than 30 countries, been to 45 States and not been in the same spot for 12 months straight.  It’s time to settle in a bit and take shorter trips only for a while so that I can get established and begin to feel rooted.  I still plan to go on trips–heck, my bro’s going to be 3 hours away in another state.  And my best friend and I hope to travel internationally (the U.K.) at some point during the year.  But I want to stop leaving town every month.  Just for a year or two…take some down time in my own town.  So, to make that more palatable, I’ve got some ideas:


  • Take some very short weekend trips (anything I could do in a day or less, like Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, etc.)
  • Explore my own city in places I’ve never been before (I used to live in Chicago)
  • Do some picnics of randomness with friends (involving getting on any line of the El and hopping off at any random stop that looks safe, and finding some grass somewhere and just enjoying a walk in the area where we stop after the picnic)
  • Go to free festivals around the city
  • Go to distinct communities like Devonne (Indian), Ukrainian Village, Greektown, Germantown, etc. (so that I still have that taste of world travel, without more than a night out)
  • Enjoy the many meetup groups I’ve joined around the city
  • Host lots of parties in my home



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