Action Step #46–Find Creative Healthy Ways to Save Money on Food

groceries (Photo credit: tofutti break)




I’ve always been trained to be frugal.  My Dad was, well, cheap, when it came to a lot of things.  So wanting to spend less and making creative doesn’t bother me.  But since I’m starting a new chapter in life, and food really isn’t that important to me (I am far from the girl who runs so that she can eat more!),  I would rather maintain a healthy diet, but do so for less so that I can enjoy all that my new city offers, without constantly feeling like I daren’t spend the extra $10 a given month on a group outing of some kind.  So…time to get creative and implement some plans for the new life!


  • Start couponing
  • Find sale sheets at my local grocery store(s)
  • Locate the nearest Aldi‘s to my new apartment
  • Get memberships at my local grocery stores
  • Find good sites online for ordering specialty things that are more expensive shopping in-store
  • Make a “basic ingredients” list to stock my cabinets with which to make a variety of nutritional tasty meals
  • Go on Pinterest and look for some ideas 🙂



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