Action Step #48–Make New Christmas Traditions

christmas 2007
Christmas (Photo credit: paparutzi)


I love Christmas.  I love family.  I love Christmas traditions.  And I love combining all of these things.  This is my last year (unless I get married this coming year) of having family around for Christmas in my own household.  So, it’s time to figure out some new traditions I’m going to have on my own that I can do both as a single, and as a part of a family unit of more than one for the years I have others around.  Here are some ideas:


  • Gifts to neighbors–this will be my first Christmas in an apartment complex…and I want to know my neighbors.  So, I think I’m going to make inexpensive, fun, simple gifts to put on people’s welcome mats or doorknobs on Christmas Eve
  • Caroling at fire stations–I have done this for years now and would love to bring this tradition with me to Chicago.  I’ll invite my friends that live there, as well as the new friends I make there.
  • Find a race to run on Christmas or Christmas Eve–or at least a Jingle Bell run sometime in December–and run it every year
  • Have Christmas music work-out parties–invite my female friends and neighbors to come over for some fun no (or minimal) equipment workouts to Christmas music
  • Decorating early–I know some people might find this annoying, but my Dad was very strict about not decorating too early…but I love Christmas decor, so too bad, people!
  • Getting a new Christmas movie every year to enjoy with friends and/or family
  • Getting a new Christmas book to enjoy for myself every year
  • Make one Christmas craft every year, and invite neighbors and friends to come for a party with it–I am horrible with my hands, but there are crafts out there that I can do.
  • Invite other singles/people without families over for Christmas Day–sure, bring something if you want! 😉
  • Take Christmas carols to the elderly–I have sung Christmas carols for my Grandmother on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember, but I can’t do that any more, since I will no longer live near her.  So, why not go to a nursing home or hospital wing and sing for some grandmas and grandpas who don’t have grandkids nearby to sing for them?  I’ll invite friends and neighbors for this, too.
  • Obtain one new Christmas ornament or piece of decor every year–and date it (my aunt does that)–via gifts or after Christmas sales 😉
  • Get into sending Christmas cards (real ones, not e-cards!) to closest friends and family, along with Christmas letters
  • Get back to “one gift” Christmases–as in, making or buying one particular item every Christmas that I give to everyone that only receives one gift (or one for men, and a different one for women)
  • Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas with specific things, like a special meal or dessert, a certain activity, etc., every day
  • Have some mistletoe (I’ve never done that before)


That should be a good start.  I’ll add others later.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Barb says:

    Nice list! I want to do caroling & give a simple, homemade gift to my extended family members this year. 🙂

    1. RitaJuanita says:

      Great! For caroling, I recommend typing up and printing out multiple copies of the lyrics for all the carols you think you might sing, just to make sure everyone’s got the same versions of the songs. Any ideas what you’ll make for people? I’m doing some ornaments this year.

      1. Barb says:

        I am thinking of doing these gourmet dinner baskets. They would have a nice pasta, a jar of sauce we made, a baguette and a small dessert. Maybe a few chocolate dipped strawberries. We’ve made pasta but never dried it. It would be great to make everything. We did something similar years ago & people loved it. We also enclosed a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil.
        I like to paint on glass ornaments. I wish I was more crafty!
        I really like your printed lyrics idea. I am going to begin teaching a chorus in a few months and think caroling at the end of next year would be so fun!

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