Action Step #53–Make New Year’s Resolutions

Instead of making several large resolutions, I am making 12 smaller “resolutions,” instead.  One for each month.  So…here’s my list: January–weekly visits to libraries February–playing guitar daily for a minimum of 1 hour daily March–no added sugar April–listen to a new song by a (new-to-me) artist May–weight training 3 days a week June–go running 6… Continue reading Action Step #53–Make New Year’s Resolutions

Action Step #52–New, New, New–Try Something New

    In celebration of a new life, new city, new, well, everything, I’m going to incorporate newness into my plans for the year to come.  For one of my resolutions, I plan to try something new every week.  Those new things can include any of the following (and more, I’m sure):   new food… Continue reading Action Step #52–New, New, New–Try Something New

Action Step #51–Rejoice in Everything New

  As the new year approaches, more changes approach.  I expect to move into my new apartment in my new city on New Year’s Eve.  I expect to have a new job shortly into the new year.  I expect to begin making new friends quickly (I always have in the past, even when I was… Continue reading Action Step #51–Rejoice in Everything New

Action Step #50–Declutter My Calendar

Life is short.  Days are shorter.  And I’m a busy, busy girl.  I have family, friends, work, writing, fitness, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, music, church and about a million other things that I fill my calendar with every week.  And that much activity leaves little time for rest or caring for my basic needs (like… Continue reading Action Step #50–Declutter My Calendar

Action Step #49–Restrict Desserts (Especially During Holidays!)

This is a pretty basic, but not necessarily super easy action step to take.  Normally, I’m not much of a sweets person, but when I’m stressed, I tend to find ice cream comforting.  So, it’s time to put some limitations. Must consume 2/3 of daily water in-take before I’m allowed a dessert Eat dessert first… Continue reading Action Step #49–Restrict Desserts (Especially During Holidays!)