Action Step #50–Declutter My Calendar

2008 Calendars
Calendars (Photo credit: Scott Ingram Photography)

Life is short.  Days are shorter.  And I’m a busy, busy girl.  I have family, friends, work, writing, fitness, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, music, church and about a million other things that I fill my calendar with every week.  And that much activity leaves little time for rest or caring for my basic needs (like some of the items listed there).  So, my goal is to declutter my calendar.  That is not to say I will cut out activities and things, but, instead, change my calendar to only the things I really deem worth-while.  Why waste a day on movie-watching alone in my apartment, when I could be out and about with friends?  Why spend the afternoon clicking through Pinterest liking pictures of animals instead of out on the streets of Chicago clicking photos of people, places and more, creating my own memories and art?  Not to say that Pinterest and movie-watching are always bad or something.  But why sit inside alone, doing nothing of actual value, when I can use that same precious time doing things that I will remember?

So…here’s how the action step shall be executed:

  • Unless I am ill or otherwise must stay in doing nothing of value (like I simply cannot concentrate on reading or writing), I will flip through my “to do” list and get something done
  • Have lots of free events/outings/hang-outs on my calendar of possibilities every week that I can do at a moment’s notice, instead of hunkering down with waste-of-time activities
  • Have one movie or reading night a week to help ensure I don’t get burnt-out, worn-out or feel like I never have down-time
  • Invite friends over for movie nights, instead of watching alone all the time
  • Go to coffee shops to read so that I’m at least out in the world (there’s a really nice little one two doors down…)
  • Call far away friends and chat on quiet evenings
  • Go for a walk or jog instead

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