Action Step #51–Rejoice in Everything New

New Year's Eve in Chicago
New Year’s Eve in Chicago (Photo credit: CaZaTo Ma)


As the new year approaches, more changes approach.  I expect to move into my new apartment in my new city on New Year’s Eve.  I expect to have a new job shortly into the new year.  I expect to begin making new friends quickly (I always have in the past, even when I was painfully shy child).  I will be finding a new church soon.  I will try out new sports and work-outs.  I will be exploring a new neighborhood.  And many other new things.


So, I am going to cast aside thoughts of the old, the painful, the sad, and embrace and rejoice in the new.  Life is new for me this new year, which is exactly what I need.  So, I will embrace and enjoy through these new things.


  • My new wardrobe
  • My new workout routine
  • Decorating my new apartment
  • My new workout clothes (to come yet, I’m afraid, after the new job is had!)
  • My new lifestyle as a city-dwelling single woman (not a college student any more, thankfully!)
  • My new freedom and independence


Yes.  New.  New is good.  New relationships, new city, new life.  I’m excited to enjoy the New.



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