Action Step #52–New, New, New–Try Something New



May Your New Year Be Merry and Bright...
May Your New Year Be Merry and Bright… (Photo credit: w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines))

In celebration of a new life, new city, new, well, everything, I’m going to incorporate newness into my plans for the year to come.  For one of my resolutions, I plan to try something new every week.  Those new things can include any of the following (and more, I’m sure):


  • new food items to cook
  • new recipes
  • new places to visit
  • new sports to play
  • new outings at places I’ve not been before
  • new clothing styles/items
  • new make-up techniques
  • new hair-styles
  • new colors in my wardrobe
  • new decor
  • new activities
  • new restaurants
  • new writing techniques
  • new singing styles
  • new fitness routines
  • new fitness equipment
  • new photography techniques
  • new random adventures
  • new costumes
  • new filming projects
  • new musical styles
  • new musical instruments
  • attending new-t0-me bands live


Some items on the list will be tangible, some will be unseen.  I’m looking forward to a year of new.  And I plan to shares those adventures here.




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