2014 Goals

Monthly Resolutions:

New Year's Eve in Chicago
New Year’s Eve in Chicago (Photo credit: CaZaTo Ma)

January–weekly visits to libraries (met!)
February–daily listen to a new song by a new-to-me artist (met!)
March–no pork for the entire month (so far, so good…)
April–play guitar daily for a minimum of 1 hour
May–weight training 3 days a week
June–running 6 days a week
July–journal daily
August–weekly rock or wall climbing
September–visit a different (new-to-me) museum weekly
October–no added sugar
November–write and complete (and publish) a novel in the month
December–daily photography projects

Major Goals:

  1. Publish 2 novels (nearing 1)
  2. Publish 1 script (almost there!)
  3. Film one complete work, even if short (no progress yet)
  4. Get to my goal weight–149 lbs. (need to get a scale for tracking–the one I bought doesn’t work at all)
  5. Read 12+ books (1 down!)
  6. Memorize 5 chapters of the Bible (1 down!)
  7. Publish 2+ cookbooks (1 down, almost…)
  8. Complete monthly photography projects with niece (2 complete!)

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