New Year–New Things–New Challenges

New Year's in Chicago
New Year’s in Chicago

I’ll be updating my other blog as to the new things I do each week (this week, move into a new apartment!), unless they are fitness/wellness/health related.  So, this year’s theme for this blog will be weekly challenges and goals.  Now, this is similar to the action steps, but these won’t be on-going things.  These will be short-lived, simple challenges or goals to meet each week, instead of piling more  and more on my existing 53 action steps (only 14 of which were one-offs) from 2013.

These should keep me active, short-term goal-setting, and blogging consistently throughout the year.  All good things.

I plan to use many challenges from to give me ideas and ideas for these weekly challenges.  All will be nutrition, fitness, wellness (mental/emotional/spiritual) related.  No organization, cleanliness, purging my possessions, etc. count for these challenges, unless it’s something like “turn spring cleaning into a workout” kind of thing.  If I have a week of illness or visitors from out of town, I should attempt to make the challenges fluid with these things, but if I cannot, I can makeup the challenge the following week.

Let’s see how these 53 challenges go!


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