Challenge #1–Do a Stair Run Workout This Week

stair running
stair running

It’s freezing cold in Chicago.  Yesterday, it was 19 degrees out, but felt like something like -5 with the crazy wind.  And right now as I sit in this coffee shop next door to my apartment, I see snow falling lightly outside.  That’s too cold for this Florida girl to go running outside, especially in Vibram 5-Fingers (just not warm enough, sorry!).

So, doing stair running work-outs is a great indoor cardio for me to do.  In my new building (with something like 9 floors), I have plenty of distance to at least get through the winter, running up and down.  And it requires no more equipment than my stairwell and what I normally use for running (shoes, proper clothing, headband and music).  So…yeah.

Yesterday, while I was off-line, I decided the challenge this week was to get in one stair running workout before Sunday ends.

And I managed to do it this morning.  By some miracle, I remember to go do the stair running first thing this morning.

Challenge #1 made and met!  That’s a good start to the new year, I’d say.


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    1. RitaJuanita says:

      Thanks! 🙂 Trying, trying. How is your new year going thus far?

      1. Barb says:

        It’s going pretty well. I’ve eased back into working out. I am trying to get back on a routine and then will raise the intensity. I’ve been eating well for a few days. We had so much junk around here during the holiday. I have been tossing a lot!

      2. RitaJuanita says:

        Glad you’re starting off well. I know the feeling on the junk around! I was visiting my brother and his family, and they eat way more sweets than we do…partially because I try not to have the in house, except on special occasions. No ice cream or fudge or candy or cookies or whatever…fruit is plenty sweet enough to satisfy any cravings I might have (which are rare for sweets…I want the savory!), but those bad cravings creep up more often if a pan of fudge is staring at you every time you enter the kitchen…

        What are you doing for your work-outs?

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