Challenge #2–Eat Meal More Slowly

An attractive meal
An attractive meal

You always hear that eating more slowly will decrease the amount of food you eat, etc.  Sometimes, that’s not an issue for me.  But sometimes, I do overeat because I don’t “feel full” as soon as I am comfortably fed.  And that has happened more often than not of late.  Admittedly, when I’m not terribly active (which I have not been the past few months), I tend to overeat, which is, of course, the worst time to do so.  But being in Chicago now, I’ve got no excuses on not being active.  Of course, I’m sure I will come up with many excuses to eat just as quickly as I always have, but for this week (starting Sunday, January 5th), I am challenging myself to eat each meal slowly.  Without a rushed lunch-break at work, I should manage this reasonably well.


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