Weekly Goal #5–Pick Three Tribesports Challenges

Tribesports.com mostly has only seen my profile active during my “add a follower back” moments lately.  Not real effective, eh?

This week, I have to go onto Tribesports.com and pick 3 challenges to work towards and then…you guessed it, start working towards them!

I’m going to say that one challenge should be a short-term (less than a week-long) thing to accomplish (convincing myself that I’m making progress is a good thing).

And I’m also going to say that one of the other challenges has to be a real, definitive and doable goal for me to set for myself.  I’m one of those people who flounders a bit without a focused end-point in mind.  If it’s running, I’ve got to have a speed, distance or pace goal.  Writing, I need to know when something needs to be published by.  And, well, everything else in my life has to have goals around them too (well, except for relaxing things, of course).  And since I’d like to get somewhere, I think this is a pretty good challenge this week.


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