Weekly Challenge #10–Stop Pinning!


So…I have been sucked into the wonder and idiocy of Pinterest, a delightful where one can pin 1000s of health tips, workout plans, dietary changes, recipes, places to see/go, music to listen to, etc., etc., etc. (And of course, the plethora of cat video and pics.)

So my second challenge this week is to not pin anything new in fitness/health/wellness categories until I complete 6 workouts or challenges I’ve already pinned.  If that means no more of those pins until a few weeks from now, so be it! (*sigh* But there are SO many good workouts on Pinterest.  And fitness tips.  And… Nope.  Not going to do it.  If they’re that important, I’ll see them again later…right?)  Time for inspiration to get up and move, instead of staying on the computer!

Pinterest workout
Pinterest workout

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