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What I would be seeing right now, if I were actually there...
What I would be seeing now, if I were actually there…

If you need a little motivation or help with goal setting, a simple and somewhat ambiguous (but useful and fun) goal you might set for yourself is to cross America virtually.

Set up a simple and easy to maintain account with

You can track your mileage there.  Log it every day or every so often (if you have an app or journal where you keep track), and see how long it takes you to cross America via the TransAmerica Trail.   You can also set a goal for yourself to cross by a certain date, or do so many miles in a month, or…whatever you want.

The trail starts on the Virginia Atlantic coast and goes across to the Oregon Pacific coast.  The total distance is 4063.0 miles, and you can add mileage in biking, walking, running or running/walking.

Today I received an email that my mileage had crossed me into the final state of trek which I started on Thanksgiving 2010.  My second entry was January 1, 2011, so obviously I did not log every mile (and am probably well past the end of the trail by now and kayaking across the Pacific to Australia!  Eh, whatever).  But you get the idea.

The site has many interesting features, including the ability to choose “partners” to race.  There are various settings for your “competitions” with that, one of which is that of comparing your treks as if you started on the same day as one another.

You can also set weekly goals and receive emails when you do not reach these, or when you don’t log for more than a given number of days (highly recommended!).

Check it out and find out for yourself how fun and motivational it might be for some casual or hard-core work-out goals in your life.

The Map
The Map (the black is what I’ve logged thus far)

6 Comments Add yours

  1. How neat! There’s another site that does something like this, but you walk to Mordor.

    1. RitaJuanita says:

      Sweet! What’s that site? Maybe I’ll aim for that once I “reach” the Pacific? 🙂

      1. There are a whole bunch of “walks” from the LOTR and The Hobbit that you can choose from:

  2. RitaJuanita says:

    Sweet! Thanks for the link! Can’t wait to finish America so I can start trekking Middle Earth! 🙂

  3. Carol says:

    I did the virtual walk across America from 2008-2013. Every time I crossed into a new state I was sent a congratulatory email. Unfortunately, no email was sent when I finished and I kept collecting miles I guess into the ocean. I think I will enter my name differently so I can do it again . Was very disappointed no ticker tape parade or at least a congrats for completing my quest!

    1. RitaJuanita says:

      Oh, wow. Well…another fail on communication…I never got this comment until just now! Have you gone back and tried again? I was so disappointed in the lack of celebratory activity, too! Seemed like such a let down after all those miles, hard work and hours put into it! Have any other fun/exciting motivational things you’ve been doing of late?

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