New Job–New Fitness

Image courtesy of artemisphoto /
Image courtesy of artemisphoto /

For the past 14 months, I’ve almost exclusively been doing child-care as my job.  I’ve gotten my personal fitness trainer certification within that time period as well, and done some odd jobs here and there as well as working with a few training clients.  But I was ready for a change.  And I got it!

This past week was my first week working for a dog-walking/pet-sitting company in Chicago.  And let me tell you, it’ll whip me into shape if my own workouts won’t!  In the first week, “on the job” or in transit to/from the job, I put in 110.9 miles biking and 20.55 miles of walking (and half of my visits were cats or animals that I didn’t walk).

Image courtesy of Vlado at
Image courtesy of Vlado at

As a personal trainer, I’ve upped my work-outs as well, but now that cardio is pretty much guaranteed simply by showing up for work, it’s time to change my approach to my work-out schedule.

Now, I need not schedule cross-training cardio nor as much cardio in formal “workout” sessions.  But I want to maintain my running schedule, add in swimming (just because, well, it’s good for you!) and, of course, my gym workouts.  As well as scheduling around my clients’ workouts, etc. (in which I prefer to workout as well–modeling is a good method, when you’re not overloaded with clients!).

Part of this new plan is to going include updating this blog more often.  I’ve grown slack over the past year or two.  I haven’t had any major goals, which has dropped my writing off the planet’s face.  So, once I figure out what those goals are, I should be back with more than just my weekly distance/workout numbers.

My Moves
My Moves

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