And Now…The Next Phase

Lately, I’ve been motivated to remind myself what I love about health, being active, getting fit and being at a healthy body weight.  So, I returned to this old blog to have a look around.  Youch.  More than a year and a half since my last post!  I kept crazy busy, and have been worn out most of the time since then.  But I’ve accomplished and done some pretty amazing things, and had some major life changes take place.  For example: I ran the Chicago marathon (man did I miss blogging opportunities there!), I got engaged, I got married!!!  I wrote, directed and performed in a stage production about my grandmother, the first woman to fly around the world!  Other things happened, too, of course, but those are the main big and best highlights–so we’ll leave it at those, except that I changed from a highly active job to a highly not active job.

Looking back over this blog, I’m reminded of many successes and failures–the very sorts of reasons I’ve been reviewing this site.  I’ve lacked motivation of late, and hoped I’d find some here.  I think I have.

The year that I set a weekly goal was the year I most successfully met my fitness, health, spiritual health and emotional health targets.  My life is constantly changing currently– my job is about to change, my travel calendar has upped to at least one trip per month through August and maybe beyond, including at least one international trip, and everything about my living situation will be changing in August (okay, not everything, but enough that it feels like everything, even if they are all good things!).  So, I know there are some weeks I won’t be able to set and meet a goal.  But I can look ahead at my calendar and recognize those weeks in advance, and simply plan around them.

That being said, this is my plan.  Set a new goal for each week (save those aforementioned exceptions) and blog about them along the way, along with my journey and my failures and successes.

So.  Here we go.



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