9 Fitness Resources

I thought I’d share the resources I find this week, as well as the ones I already use.  Next up, I’ll provide reviews for them, once I’ve experienced them for a bit.

Thus far, the resources I have found/use are:

  1. A sugar detox plan in Shape Magazine from April 2016–it’s a 3 week plan to realistically knock out sugar from your every day life and habits
  2. RunKeeper app (for exercise tracking–GPS or stopwatch)
  3. Track, a food logging app from Nutritionix (you can log everything, but I just log food)
  4. Hydro Coach app (with active reminders to drink up!)
  5. aktiBMI app (for weight and BMI tracking)
  6. FitNotes app (for notating your exact workouts at the gym)
  7. Workout Buddies app (for finding local workout buddies!)
  8. Fitness Buddy Free app (I’m using for the lists of exercises)
  9. Fitbit (I use for step counting and competition with one or two friends)

I’ve already been using all but FitNotes, Workout Buddies, Fitness Buddy Free and the sugar detox.  So, that means I’ve found 4 of the 7 resources!  3 more to go to meet my goal for this week.

Not every app or goal or option works for everybody.  Some people need to track their intake so that they don’t go overboard.  Some people are worse off if they do that, becoming obsessive about food.  Some people need to count their steps to make sure they actually are active throughout the day.  Some people become obsessive about this, as well, and go overboard and overwork their bodies and minds.  You’ve got to find what works for you, but at least check out different things and give them a try until you do find the right combo for you!



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