Week #2 Goals: Take 3 10 Minute Walks & Skip the Holiday Junk!

It’s Tuesday.  I have gone three days into a new week.  A significant change happened on Sunday, and distracted me from posting, but not from my goals!  In fact, it freed me up to achieve my goals more freely!  My nanny job with very difficult to deal with children (and their difficult to deal with dad) ended, and now I’m free to make my own hours as I build my business in a more active and healthy career path.

But, to quote my darling husband, I digress.

This week’s goal is also a short term one, as Easter is this weekend, and completely throws off my “usual” routine.

So, I’m actually setting two goals.  One to further me along, and one to prevent the derailment of my progress.

Goal #1: Take at least three 10 minute walks (or the equivalent thereof) through out each day save Friday (schedule will not permit).

Goal #2: Skip the candy and junk food that usually accompanies holidays.

While I’m not quite on the sugar detox yet (though I’m making steps toward prepping my schedule and kitchen to do it), I am very definitely feeling better already with less of it in my diet.  I have not been eating gobs of the stuff or anything, by any stretch, but intentionally removing sugary treats and meal planning away from using things like jam or syrup or other sweet condiments has started the process.  I don’t want to derail that simply because a holiday comes along.  Perhaps, if I were further into this process, I’d be able to eat a chocolate bunny and not have issues, but, I’m not.  So, I’ll recognize my limitations and commit to not breaking my junk food fast.



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  1. Jen says:

    I should have read this BEFORE Easter. Both Valentine’s Day and Easter candy are killers for me. :/ I also need to get back to my walking schedule. It doesn’t take much to throw me off track – heat, projects, busy schedule, etc. But, like you, I feel so much better when I cut out the one and increase the other! 🙂 I think your health-related posts are very encouraging!

    1. RitaJuanita says:

      Aren’t they, though? Ugh…why must they turn every holiday into “pig out” days??? If you’re interested in a buddy, I’m all about community and encouraging each other! Hopefully I can continue to encourage you! 🙂 I know I need encouragement–so I’m so glad to give it to others!

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