Health and Wellness Tip: Know Thyself

There it is.  My laziness, rearing its ugly head.  “I’m too tired.”  “I’m too busy.”  “I’m too…lazy.”  Even as an advocate for health and wellness, as a life coach, health and wellness coach and a personal trainer (well…I will be again once I re-certify), I still have the same struggles as everyone else.  I can gain weight, I fight laziness or procrastination.  I deal with emotional eating.  I sometimes just really struggle with motivation for anything, even the things I really feel strongly about.  Life is hard.  It’s overwhelming and lonely at times.

And one of the only ways to fight all of the above, is through knowing myself.  I know that I struggle with these things.  I hate admitting it.  I don’t like knowing that I can get out of my good habits and into bad ones more quickly than the reverse.  But, well, there it is.  The truth.

One of the key things for myself, and perhaps you as well, is knowing that in order for me to be motivated for fitness and health things, it’s got to be a very quantifiable goal.  Last year, I ran the Chicago Marathon.  I had a set deadline, a set requirement for surviving that deadline (being capable of running those 26.2 miles!).  I invested a lot of money into it as well.  These are things that motivate me.  I’m frugal.  I hate wasting money–even a penny.  I’m busy.  I hate wasting time–even an hour.  So I have to pick goals that invest my money and my time to get my rear-end invested in the work.  An event for which I want to look “good” is not enough.  Don’t get me wrong–it helps!  But it is not enough.  I’m not a particularly vain person, so my looks aren’t a helpful motivator for me.

So, this year, since I’ll be traveling somewhere overseas where I have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hike one of the 7 Wonders of the World, I now have a goal.  I have a deadline: the trip dates that I cannot change.  I have frugal motivation as well: I can either pay several hundreds of dollars to take the easy way (a train and bus) or get my tush in shape for a lot of hiking and save at least a few hundred dollars.  Hmm…wonder which I’ll do.

Because I know myself, I know that I both need this sort of motivation, and know that I can do it, IF I invest my time and effort into the right training.

Now, the fun part.  Figuring out how to train to hike a mountain while only having Chicago and Florida (two flat areas) as my training grounds…




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