Week #3 Goal: Begin Martial Arts Class(es)

Okay, so this not at all what I would have expected my goal for this week would be.  But things change.  And due to some crazy going on in my life, my husband and I thought this would be a good challenge for me, along with the benefits of knowledge and strength trained in different muscles than I usually use.

Now, it’s time to take steps.

  1. Look online for nearby gyms that offer either Krav Magra or Jujutsu.
  2. Compare prices for short-term and long-term (ie, month to month vs. contract)
  3. Try some of the free classes offered at these gyms
  4. Choose the gym I’m most comfortable with and sign up!

Thus far, I’ve contacted one gym, found out the pricing, learned about the scheduling of classes for the Krav Magra they offer, and now I just need to pick a time to go.  Thankfully, that should be easy around my work schedule this week.  I may give my feedback/review of the gyms and classes as I attend and search.  We’ll see if I have time between classes and work!



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