Week #5 Goal: Waste Nothing

Realistically, as an American, I waste food, time, space, energy and money.  Why?  Because of busyness, laziness, tiredness, and a host of other things.  I’m sure that many other cultures deal with these issues as well, but I can speak to the American culture of wastefulness as a sad state of things.  We actually have ad campaigns people have paid for to fight against wastefulness of food, if that says anything!  That’s it.  The ads I see on my train station platform read, “Best when used.”  That’s it.

Sadly, I have been wasting a lot of resources lately.  I had some grapes in my fridge that I had to throw out last night because they had started to go the way of the raisin.  I often don’t use all of the cilantro I buy.  I sometimes buy asparagus or brussel sprouts with every intention of actually following my meal plan for the week, and then somehow, a month later, I find the package at the back of the fridge, shriveled and slimy.

I’ve also been dealing with a crazy ex-boyfriend who’s stalking me, and trying to ruin my life.  And unfortunately, I’ve had to waste a lot of my valuable and God-given time dealing with his scummy actions.  Which wastes my emotional energy and therefore, quite often, my physical energy.

I cannot change what the jerkwad does, but I can change what I do.  And I’m going to stop wasting my time, my money and my energy on things that are pointless or won’t be used.

So, this week, I put together a specific meal plan, counting out the items and ingredients needed for everything before shopping last night.  I will have some items left over at the end of the week, but they’re items that will still be good going into the following week.  My goal therefore, is to use all ingredients in the order in which they would become unusable.

I’m also venturing into new work, which requires resources and time.  And this week, I plan to not waste any of my precious time doing unnecessary things (like being angry with jerkwad, watching too much television, or lying in bed longer than I should in the mornings).  I will invest my time wisely into work, rest, enjoyment, relationships, cooking, cleaning, training for M.P. and writing.

I think this is going to be a great week.  After the weeks of ickiness I’ve gone through lately, I’m ready for a really great week.



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