From 183 to 3,600 metres: Training Program for Machu Picchu

For safety reasons, I will not reveal exact program timeline, etc., but here’s the basics.

Since I’m already in fairly decent shape (I run, bike, walk a lot, and even when I don’t, I tend to return to my basic fitness from before within about a month), my focus is on the elevation change and re-upping my endurance levels a bit.  It’s been a while since the Chicago Marathon, and even longer since running up the mountains in Guatemala, so…

With work, travel, writing projects and other things, finding the time to train will be one of my biggest challenges.  General training is going to be fine.  I can pop out for a quick jog, plan my transit time as walking instead of taking the train to some locations for work or leisure, but getting to some of the training locations (uneven trails, stairs at skyscrapers, etc.) and spending enough time training will be the tricky bits.  So, careful planning and excellent time management are required!

But…enough of those comments.  Here’s the basic plan.

Training for Machu Picchu program

visual Machu Picchu training plan



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