Week #6 Goal: Get Up and Move Every Waking Hour

Days I work with clients are easy to get movement in for hours straight.  My job, thankfully, is quite active. But the days I do the “business” side of work, or writing or other work from home, I just don’t move much.  So, about 1/2 of my week is spent highly active, and the other half is highly sedentary.  Bleh.  I’d much prefer 100% of my week were highly active.  But, alas, it cannot be so.

Therefore, my goal this week is to two-fold. 1. Get up and move around for at least a few minutes every waking hour, and 2. kick it into gear with my friends using a fitness app that allows us to compete against each other for numbers of steps taken, etc.

I’m going to accomplish this goal by setting alarms every hour to get up and move (for the days I’m not already doing so at work), and by setting the challenges with my friends for the week.

Step 1 already accomplished.  I sent out the challenges last night.

Step 2, is happening now…setting those alarms.  Here we go.



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