Week #7 Goal: Switch to a Stability Ball

Simple enough.  I started this on Monday when I had guests come in from out of town and I needed an extra seat.  And I suddenly remembered why it’s so highly recommended as a replacement for regular chairs.  My hips and lower back don’t hurt nearly as much after a day of sitting on a fitness ball as when I sit in a chair!  I’ve had a lot of tension in my life of late, so the hips have been pretty tight and painful of late.

My goal was to make the switch for the whole week and beyond.  I won’t always use it, but generally speaking, I will.  I need to replace the one I have with a larger ball, however.  That will be an assignment one of these weeks when I have a little extra money lying around.  Or, well, at least enough that my budget isn’t quite as tight as it is now.

stability ball


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