Week #8 Goal: Incorporate Regular Stretching

Maybe I’m a freak, but I hate stretching.  I mean, hate it to the point that I occasionally have skipped work-outs because I didn’t want to do my stretches post work-out.  Kinda sad, I know.  I mean, I love the way I feel after stretching.  That “hurts so good” kinda thing from getting that tension and tightness out of hips, calves, shoulders…  But I still hate stretching.

But lately with all the tension I’ve been dealing with, I’ve realized that I’d feel better with regular stretching as a part of my daily routine.  Even 10 minutes a day would make a difference.  So, my plan is to stretch out into two sessions per day (outside of cool-downs and warm-ups, of course).  5 minutes when I first get up, and 5 minutes before I crawl into bed for the night (or, heck, after I already have ;)).

I’ve got my pilates/yoga book (one of those resources I gathered in week one), some sites to check for different ideas, and my own knowledge as a former personal trainer and, well, human being, to go off of.  I’ll change up my routine between morning and night, and every other week or so to help with the boredom.

I expect to be highly annoyed at first, but then settle into a dull sense of “wellness” as I pursue this new routine.  My husband spends about 15-20 minutes daily doing his stretching routine.  I guess I can manage half of that.  At least I’ll know it’s good for my body.



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