Rita’s Running Trails Tour Installment #1: Ned Brown Preserve (Busse Woods) — Elk Grove Village/Schaumburg, IL

I’ve run a few different segments of the Busse Woods Forest Preserve out here, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I’m a city girl, absolutely, but I did grow up in the countryside, and sometimes desperately miss the trees, birds, and especially the water.

This particular part of the Busse Woods Preserve happens to be by water, in multiple sections, so it was an especially pleasant place to run.

Running Trails Tour Location 1 Busse Woods_LI
Entry point, and direction I took on the trail.

As you can see from the map, the trail takes you near multiple sections of the various bodies of water within the Busse Woods Preserve. And while I was out there yesterday morning between 8 and 10, I saw several folks out fishing and kayaking on the water.

Overall, this trail and area are in great condition, and a lovely spot I am likely to repeat on some other days.

At the right time of day and less popular days of the week, the trails are mostly clear, and easy to navigate. Weekends and evenings, of course, are their most populous time.

The views in this park are absolutely lovely. From the boats on the water, to the geese who honk and stick their tongues out as people pass, you’ll enjoy it if you love a well-made paved trail, lakes, and woods.


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