Rita’s Running Trails Tour Installment #2: Segment 2 of the Ned Brown Preserve (Busse Woods) — Elk Grove Village/Schaumburg, IL

One thing about the Ned Brown Forest Preserve is that there are tons of different entry points. There’s one that’s a five minute drive away for me, and I have a hefty workload today, so I decided to do this one for today’s tour entry.

NedBrownMeadowEntry Point_LI

The entry point is at a traffic light, so it’s easy to get in and out. However, this map is inaccurate, and I can’t quite pinpoint exact entry. The “Model Airplane Flying Field” is further north than this map indicates, and the road leading to it splits and goes slightly south as well to another parking location and bathroom facilities. The red indicates my best rough estimate of getting to the trail from this generic entry point.


This entry tends to be fairly light in traffic, whether early or late morning, afternoon, or evening — at least in my limited experience. It does seem to be a popular place for small groups, however, to meet up for running or biking. I’ve seen military groups twice, which is saying something since I’ve only been twice, both at different times.

The trail is easy to run, smooth, well-paved, and doesn’t have as much of a lip as other portions of the trail. The scenery is more meadows and limited forest views, however, with no water visible, and more of the interstate and highways visible along the trail.

This portion of the trail is also flat, with only one or two sections that climb/dip any.


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