The Year’s Recap: 2018, a Year of Weirdness

At the beginning of the year, I set 12 goals, one per month, and I proceeded to have my life completely upended within the month. And life has been…anything but “normal,” even for me, since then.

So, in recap of the year, the goals met are:

  • January: 3000 pushups and move into a new place and organize it WITH my hubby — Check!
  • February-December: NOPE


It was a little embarrassing to think about how utterly I failed on my goals this year. But, when I look back and realize the total chaos I was put through this year, I didn’t feel so bad.

I’ve literally moved 5 times this year (within 3 cities), been ill from some kind of bacterial infection since May, had entire months when I basically could not get out of bed, and many other, worse things happen.

So, though I didn’t succeed in meeting the various goals I set for myself this year, I’m okay with the year. I survived the chaos. I survived all the moves.  I survived financial crisis on more than one occasion. I survived the illness.

I am not where I want to be, but I’m alive. I’m making progress, and I have hope. All-in-all, that makes a good year as I look back on the faithfulness of God to continually bring my husband and I through all the madness.


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