Action Steps

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To help keep me on track with my action steps, I decided to list them here.  Who knows?  Maybe some of you readers will appreciate them and use (or adapt) them for yourselves.  I’ll be adding more each week.

  1. Create a simple, basic every day schedule
  2. Reboot hydration–drink 120 oz. water daily
  3. Reps to songs–pick artists and do 5 specific reps every time I hear their songs
  4. Sing while I run
  5. Use music to de-stress
  6. Take better care of my smile
  7. Take better care of my skin, hair and nails
  8. Set new goals based on my new environment
  9. Keep updated with my workout buddy
  10. Set a specific distance goal (running)
  11. Plan the “perfect” workout for my injury
  12. Modify my diet during my injury recovery time
  13. Reps a day goal
  14. Take a hike!
  15. Steps a Day Goal(s)
  16. Get Back to the Gym
  17. Plan Fun Fitness Outings (with friends)
  18. Commit to a Half-Marathon Training Plan
  19. Expand My Training Types
  20. Try Homemade Flavored Water
  21. Make Myself Stick to the Food Diary
  22. Make a Fitness Map Every Week
  23. Get Back into Journaling
  24. Eat More Yogurt
  25. Find some Mid-Year Motivation
  26. Tailor My Workout to my Goals and Insane Schedule
  27. New City, New Fitness Plan
  28. Choose My Habits Wisely
  29. Expand my Dietary Horizons
  30. Rid My Life of Clutter
  31. Try Some Aromatherapy
  32. Keep Everything Neat and Tidy
  33. Reach “the other side of the country” by March 1
  34. Don’t Download Any More Books
  35. Change My Look
  36. Plan My Fitness Routine for November Well in Advance
  37. Mix Up the Running Playlist
  38. Find Great Meetups
  39. Explore My New City
  40. Get Some Cold Weather Workout Gear
  41. Read and Play More
  42. Climb Some Rocks!
  43. Travel Less This (coming) Year
  44. Keep More Active While Editing My Novels for Publication
  45. Work with the 7-Day Caloric In-Take Cycle
  46. Find Creative Healthy Ways to Save Money on Food
  47. Take Better Notice of my Nutrient In-Take
  48. Make New Christmas Traditions
  49. Restrict Desserts (Especially During Holidays!)
  50. De-Clutter My Calendar
  51. Rejoice in Everything New
  52. New, New, New–Try Something New
  53. Make 12 Smaller New Year’s Resolutions (instead of big goals)

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