Action Step #23 for 2013–Get Back into Journaling

Anyone who has followed this blog can probably tell that I fluctuate between doing well with keeping track of things and totally losing awareness of everything.  I tend to have so many projects going on all at once that I cannot keep things in perspective after a while.  And lately I have not kept track,… Continue reading Action Step #23 for 2013–Get Back into Journaling

Today’s Tip: Join Tribe Sports for a Little (or a lot of) Motivation

  Needing a little motivation to keep in step with your fitness and nutrition goals?  Then my quick, easy and fun tip today is for you! Join Tribe Sports!  Just that simple.  Join, write a brief fitness bio, look for a few tribes to join, find some challenges that help you meet your goals, and… Continue reading Today’s Tip: Join Tribe Sports for a Little (or a lot of) Motivation

Accomplishments and Goals for June 2

  I completed all my action steps yesterday.  They were all fairly easy, which is always a nice way to start–it meant I could complete them, and that felt good. For my new challenges on Sports Tribe, I selected several (quite a lot more than the minimum 3), including several that build on each other. … Continue reading Accomplishments and Goals for June 2

Last Day and First Day

Today marks day 21 of a 21-day fast (for spiritual reasons).  I have not been able to stick to the fast 100%, as I simply was not getting enough protein and iron on a daily basis.  But, I would say I was able to stick with it about 98%.  The fast did not have the… Continue reading Last Day and First Day

Butt Butter Anybody?

I never thought I’d buy something referred to casually as “butt butter,” but, well, I have now.  Six tubes of it, with a tub on the way next Saturday.  Of course, as soon as I bought it, I just had to share the fact with friends from church, knowing they would totally get a kick… Continue reading Butt Butter Anybody?

Today’s Tip: Try Something New

I hate saying this aloud…but I’m one of those people that gets bored easily.  Some areas that seem like I would get so in, I don’t (like dietary–it takes me a couple of weeks before I get bored with foods–I owe this to my poor sense of taste or weak taste buds, if you will),… Continue reading Today’s Tip: Try Something New

Walking Like a Cowboy

Accomplishments and Action Steps from the Weekend: Saturday, I rode 10 miles–up 4 miles from Monday’s ride!  And let me tell you, my tooshie was NOT happy with me.  Narrow seats are not fun on “unseasoned” butts.  When I first got off, I was kind of walking like a cowboy…  But it felt great doing… Continue reading Walking Like a Cowboy