Bring On a New Challenge–Personal Trainer Certification!

Tonight I started the process of becoming a certified fitness trainer: I signed up for my ISSA course!  For the next 10+ weeks, I will be studying for 15 or so hours per week, working (hopefully dog-walking, keeping me active in the midst of all my studying), and doing my own fitness training. My phone… Continue reading Bring On a New Challenge–Personal Trainer Certification!

Action Step #48–Make New Christmas Traditions

  I love Christmas.  I love family.  I love Christmas traditions.  And I love combining all of these things.  This is my last year (unless I get married this coming year) of having family around for Christmas in my own household.  So, it’s time to figure out some new traditions I’m going to have on… Continue reading Action Step #48–Make New Christmas Traditions

Well, I have certainly amped up my running since arrival in Guatemala.  I started taking a thermogenic (I write health and fitness product reviews and found a few supplements I decided to give a try!), and found that I had insane energy.  In one week’s time, I went from running 5k (the longest I had… Continue reading

Run Through Antigua or Urban Adventure Race?

So on my second run through Antigua (Guatemala) today, it felt more like I was on an urban adventure ran than a jog through a busy city!  I had to hurdle constructions barriers, jump off 3 and 4 foot sidewalks and the like, dodge blind old men on bicycles, hop out of the way of… Continue reading Run Through Antigua or Urban Adventure Race?

Butt Butter Anybody?

I never thought I’d buy something referred to casually as “butt butter,” but, well, I have now.  Six tubes of it, with a tub on the way next Saturday.  Of course, as soon as I bought it, I just had to share the fact with friends from church, knowing they would totally get a kick… Continue reading Butt Butter Anybody?

Walking Like a Cowboy

Accomplishments and Action Steps from the Weekend: Saturday, I rode 10 miles–up 4 miles from Monday’s ride!  And let me tell you, my tooshie was NOT happy with me.  Narrow seats are not fun on “unseasoned” butts.  When I first got off, I was kind of walking like a cowboy…  But it felt great doing… Continue reading Walking Like a Cowboy