Tools to Keep You Active

If you need a little motivation or help with goal setting, a simple and somewhat ambiguous (but useful and fun) goal you might set for yourself is to cross America virtually. Set up a simple and easy to maintain account with You can track your mileage there.  Log it every day or every so… Continue reading Tools to Keep You Active

Action Step #39–Explore My New City

  In three to four weeks, I will be in a city I have never lived in before, and will have only a few friends, if any, there when I arrive.  And I have waited a long time for a new place.  It’s not coming the way I expected it to, nor in the timing… Continue reading Action Step #39–Explore My New City

Action Step #33–Reach “the other side of the country” by March 1

For a couple of years now, I have worked on the TransAmerica trail, virtually (I’m the black dot, barely in Idaho).  I would love to say I could complete by the end of the year, but realistically, it’s going to take at least a couple more months beyond that.  So, I’m aiming for a March… Continue reading Action Step #33–Reach “the other side of the country” by March 1

Today’s Tip: Join Tribe Sports for a Little (or a lot of) Motivation

  Needing a little motivation to keep in step with your fitness and nutrition goals?  Then my quick, easy and fun tip today is for you! Join Tribe Sports!  Just that simple.  Join, write a brief fitness bio, look for a few tribes to join, find some challenges that help you meet your goals, and… Continue reading Today’s Tip: Join Tribe Sports for a Little (or a lot of) Motivation

Absentee No More

All right, all right.  I hear you.  I’ve been absent for weeks.  My apologies.  I tend to get overwhelmed with life and have let that affect my posting, keeping up with my fitness goals, etc.  I am still walking and biking and jogging a lot (I am still doing More Than a Walkabout, after all!),… Continue reading Absentee No More

The Walkabout Has Begun!

This first week of the Walkabout is slow.  Started off with a drive to Cape Canaveral, Florida where I had a meeting.  Then down to West Palm Beach area to stay with the bro while waiting for the next couple of meetings.  Had meeting #2 yesterday afternoon.  And tomorrow we drive down to the Keys.… Continue reading The Walkabout Has Begun!

Last Day and First Day

Today marks day 21 of a 21-day fast (for spiritual reasons).  I have not been able to stick to the fast 100%, as I simply was not getting enough protein and iron on a daily basis.  But, I would say I was able to stick with it about 98%.  The fast did not have the… Continue reading Last Day and First Day