Bring On a New Challenge–Personal Trainer Certification!

Tonight I started the process of becoming a certified fitness trainer: I signed up for my ISSA course!  For the next 10+ weeks, I will be studying for 15 or so hours per week, working (hopefully dog-walking, keeping me active in the midst of all my studying), and doing my own fitness training. My phone… Continue reading Bring On a New Challenge–Personal Trainer Certification!

Weekly Challenge #10–Stop Pinning!

So…I have been sucked into the wonder and idiocy of Pinterest, a delightful where one can pin 1000s of health tips, workout plans, dietary changes, recipes, places to see/go, music to listen to, etc., etc., etc. (And of course, the plethora of cat video and pics.) So my second challenge this week is to not… Continue reading Weekly Challenge #10–Stop Pinning!

Weekly Challenge #9–Drink More Water

I rather feel as though this one is self-explanatory, but I’ll add some additional info that might be useful, too, like how to calculate how much water you need to drink daily on a regular basis. I aim for 130 oz. water (caffeine-free beverages) daily on my rest days.  On days I workout, I add… Continue reading Weekly Challenge #9–Drink More Water

Weekly Challenge #8–Run a 5k

It had been quite a while since I’d run any “real” distance (more than a mile), so it was time to amp it up.  It was March before I did a weekly challenge because of some personal things going on.  Which made me all the more determined to get back into it and do more… Continue reading Weekly Challenge #8–Run a 5k

Weekly Challenge #7–Run in the Freezing Cold!

Several weeks ago, when it was still only 20-something degrees, I challenged myself to go running in the freezing cold weather (and didn’t get to blog about it). So…I took that research and went out, wearing: extra running socks tights running pants hat gloves scarf Being a Florida girl running in the coldest month of… Continue reading Weekly Challenge #7–Run in the Freezing Cold!

Weekly Challenge #6–Reps Per Song Today

I have been sick all week.  I have been whiney all week.  I haven’t gotten outside all week.  I have felt yucky all week.  I have had no energy all week.  I’ve been lying down or sitting on my butt all week. It’s time to get up. I still don’t feel 100%, and probably can’t… Continue reading Weekly Challenge #6–Reps Per Song Today

Weekly Goal #5–Pick Three Tribesports Challenges mostly has only seen my profile active during my “add a follower back” moments lately.  Not real effective, eh? This week, I have to go onto and pick 3 challenges to work towards and then…you guessed it, start working towards them! I’m going to say that one challenge should be a short-term (less… Continue reading Weekly Goal #5–Pick Three Tribesports Challenges