Whole Foods=Healthy! (Or Maybe Not…)

The other day, my husband brought home a little treat for me from Whole Foods. Lemonade! I took one swig in enraptured anticipation, and then nearly spat it out. How much sugar is in this crap? I looked over the label and was shocked to read that in this 16oz. bottle of lemonade, there were… Continue reading Whole Foods=Healthy! (Or Maybe Not…)

When She Knows Better Than You (or how to deal with unwanted feedback)

If you’re alive, you’ve received unwanted advice or unsolicited criticism. Your career choice, your spending habits, who you took to dinner with your parents last week—any of these topics might be a prime target for unauthorized feedback in your life. I’ve recently received quite a bit of this unwanted stuff in my own life, and… Continue reading When She Knows Better Than You (or how to deal with unwanted feedback)

She Called Me Wonder Woman

Certain things in this world connect with us on a deeper level than it seems like they should. These things can be silly, like a T.V. series that spouts nonsense most of the time, or a dress that, for whatever reason, inspires us to pursue our best self. Why these things resonate with us may… Continue reading She Called Me Wonder Woman

What is Healthy?

This vague question is one of the most difficult to answer, partially due to its ambiguity. “What is healthy?” is actually the wrong question. “What is healthy for me?” however can be answered. It will take time, effort, some sweat, and possibly some tears and blood. You see, what healthy is for me is different… Continue reading What is Healthy?

Week #6 Goal: Get Up and Move Every Waking Hour

Days I work with clients are easy to get movement in for hours straight.  My job, thankfully, is quite active. But the days I do the “business” side of work, or writing or other work from home, I just don’t move much.  So, about 1/2 of my week is spent highly active, and the other… Continue reading Week #6 Goal: Get Up and Move Every Waking Hour

Week #5 Goal: Waste Nothing

Realistically, as an American, I waste food, time, space, energy and money.  Why?  Because of busyness, laziness, tiredness, and a host of other things.  I’m sure that many other cultures deal with these issues as well, but I can speak to the American culture of wastefulness as a sad state of things.  We actually have… Continue reading Week #5 Goal: Waste Nothing

Health and Wellness Tip: Know Thyself

There it is.  My laziness, rearing its ugly head.  “I’m too tired.”  “I’m too busy.”  “I’m too…lazy.”  Even as an advocate for health and wellness, as a life coach, health and wellness coach and a personal trainer (well…I will be again once I re-certify), I still have the same struggles as everyone else.  I can… Continue reading Health and Wellness Tip: Know Thyself