She Called Me Wonder Woman

Certain things in this world connect with us on a deeper level than it seems like they should. These things can be silly, like a T.V. series that spouts nonsense most of the time, or a dress that, for whatever reason, inspires us to pursue our best self. Why these things resonate with us may… Continue reading She Called Me Wonder Woman

What is Healthy?

This vague question is one of the most difficult to answer, partially due to its ambiguity. “What is healthy?” is actually the wrong question. “What is healthy for me?” however can be answered. It will take time, effort, some sweat, and possibly some tears and blood. You see, what healthy is for me is different… Continue reading What is Healthy?

Healthy Living: Lifestyle or Fad?

Thanksgiving is over. The deliciousness of turkey and pumpkin pie left us feeling good yesterday, and maybe a little bit guilty today. Christmas is right around the corner. Sugar cookies and ham haunt us already. New Year’s goals of “finally lose the weight” and “definitely stop eating sugar” follow a week later, with the cycle… Continue reading Healthy Living: Lifestyle or Fad?

My Biggest Fan and Motivator: My Husband

Some people use guilt, manipulation or bullying to “motivate” people.  I’ve heard of men telling their wives they are “too fat” or tell them that they think their wives or girlfriends would be “way sexier” if they lost weight, stopped doing this or that or if they did thus and such.  I’ve had men try… Continue reading My Biggest Fan and Motivator: My Husband

Bring On a New Challenge–Personal Trainer Certification!

Tonight I started the process of becoming a certified fitness trainer: I signed up for my ISSA course!  For the next 10+ weeks, I will be studying for 15 or so hours per week, working (hopefully dog-walking, keeping me active in the midst of all my studying), and doing my own fitness training. My phone… Continue reading Bring On a New Challenge–Personal Trainer Certification!

Tools to Keep You Active

If you need a little motivation or help with goal setting, a simple and somewhat ambiguous (but useful and fun) goal you might set for yourself is to cross America virtually. Set up a simple and easy to maintain account with You can track your mileage there.  Log it every day or every so… Continue reading Tools to Keep You Active