Absentee No More

All right, all right.  I hear you.  I’ve been absent for weeks.  My apologies.  I tend to get overwhelmed with life and have let that affect my posting, keeping up with my fitness goals, etc.  I am still walking and biking and jogging a lot (I am still doing More Than a Walkabout, after all!),… Continue reading Absentee No More

The Walkabout Has Begun!

This first week of the Walkabout is slow.  Started off with a drive to Cape Canaveral, Florida where I had a meeting.  Then down to West Palm Beach area to stay with the bro while waiting for the next couple of meetings.  Had meeting #2 yesterday afternoon.  And tomorrow we drive down to the Keys.… Continue reading The Walkabout Has Begun!

Butt Butter Anybody?

I never thought I’d buy something referred to casually as “butt butter,” but, well, I have now.  Six tubes of it, with a tub on the way next Saturday.  Of course, as soon as I bought it, I just had to share the fact with friends from church, knowing they would totally get a kick… Continue reading Butt Butter Anybody?

Walking Like a Cowboy

Accomplishments and Action Steps from the Weekend: Saturday, I rode 10 miles–up 4 miles from Monday’s ride!  And let me tell you, my tooshie was NOT happy with me.  Narrow seats are not fun on “unseasoned” butts.  When I first got off, I was kind of walking like a cowboy…  But it felt great doing… Continue reading Walking Like a Cowboy

Bike Drama Finally Ends

I finally, finally got my bike in complete working order! Only one minor mishap in the process–easily solved. My biking buddy (my mother), however was unable to ride, as HER bike had some issues with gear shifting…so we’re getting some oil this week to fix that! Next ride scheduled for Saturday, after Mugs ‘N Muffins… Continue reading Bike Drama Finally Ends

Accomplishment Journal: January 19

These actions steps really make a lot of difference.  Of course, only a few days have passed since I started them, but I am excited to see all the steps I’ll take this year to become healthier, stronger and fitter, and ready for More Than a Walkabout this April! Accomplishments for January 19: Went to… Continue reading Accomplishment Journal: January 19

Accomplishments Journal: January 17

Made a B+ grade on my nutrition today! 🙂  Got a 3 mile walk in, at a 4-mile-an-hour pace.  Did my stretching in the morning, but forgot before & after my work-out.  Thankfully with walking, that’s less likely to cause problems than with running, circuit training, strength training or biking!  Have to make sure I… Continue reading Accomplishments Journal: January 17