Bring On a New Challenge–Personal Trainer Certification!

Tonight I started the process of becoming a certified fitness trainer: I signed up for my ISSA course!  For the next 10+ weeks, I will be studying for 15 or so hours per week, working (hopefully dog-walking, keeping me active in the midst of all my studying), and doing my own fitness training. My phone… Continue reading Bring On a New Challenge–Personal Trainer Certification!

Weekly Challenge #6–Reps Per Song Today

I have been sick all week.  I have been whiney all week.  I haven’t gotten outside all week.  I have felt yucky all week.  I have had no energy all week.  I’ve been lying down or sitting on my butt all week. It’s time to get up. I still don’t feel 100%, and probably can’t… Continue reading Weekly Challenge #6–Reps Per Song Today

Action Step #19–Expand My Training Types

  So, I do a lot of running and walking and a fair bit of Ultimate, hiking and weight training.  But…I need some expansion.  So now my workout buddy and I are expanding to DVD workouts.  I love dance (and so does she), so we’re going with some of those.  I know I’ve got some… Continue reading Action Step #19–Expand My Training Types

Testing the Limits

    So, because of my injury, today’s starting goal was to test which bodyweight reps I can do during this recovery period.  Let’s just say jumping jacks, lunges, mountain climbers and burpees are not acceptable.  Thankfully, pushups, squats, planks, situps, crunches, chair dips (and extended chair dips), Russian twists, bicycle crunches, leg lifts, lateral… Continue reading Testing the Limits

Well, I have certainly amped up my running since arrival in Guatemala.  I started taking a thermogenic (I write health and fitness product reviews and found a few supplements I decided to give a try!), and found that I had insane energy.  In one week’s time, I went from running 5k (the longest I had… Continue reading

Action Step #3 for 2013–Reps to Songs

I’m posting this one early this week.  Been enjoying (and hating) this action step since I implemented it yesterday after church. On my account, I have several challenges to log a certain number of reps of given exercises during the month of January.  While it doesn’t take much for me to do them, it… Continue reading Action Step #3 for 2013–Reps to Songs

Today’s fitness tip: The Last Rep

(Taken from Fitness Tip: The last rep of any set should be difficult – Remember that the point of resistance training is to OVERLOAD the muscles. Muscles will only get stronger if they need to due to progressive training. But make sure you are advanced in your training program and are well prepared for… Continue reading Today’s fitness tip: The Last Rep