More Than a Walkabout

What is More Than a Walkabout?

Performance of "Arrabella's Treasure" on warm up walk from New Orleans to Pascagoula
Performance of “Arrabella’s Treasure” on warm up walk from New Orleans to Pascagoula

More Than a Walkabout was the walking/bicycling theatrical tour from Key West Florida to Canada, approximately running from April 8 2012 to July 19, 2012.  As Rita made her way along the route, she stopped off at churches, schools, and anywhere else that hosted her, and she gave drama performances and concerts.  The concerts & drama performances were solo, presenting Rita with the additional challenge of having to keep up her energy and enthusiasm at the end of a long day out on the trail!

And Why is Rita Doing It?

Boarding for Sydney
Now Boarding for Sydney, Australia!

Rita used this tour to not only minister to churches, students and others by presenting the Gospel through the performances & teaching others how to use music and drama to present the Gospel, but she also used this tour to raise awareness and support for the full-time career missionary work God has called her to in Australia.  In Australia, Rita will use theatre and music to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with many.  To learn more about the ministry, please check out her personal ministry page or the UnMasked Productions site.



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