Another Day, Another Year

The first day of the year holds many promises–many resolutions.  This year, for me, my resolution is not to make resolutions.  My year, rather, holds goals instead.  I have 10 goals for the year–some very personal, some physical, some for my writing and others for my ministry and relationships. Health Goals for 2012 1. Complete… Continue reading Another Day, Another Year

Best Websites for Fitness & Nutrition

As I finish up creating the strength training, flexibility & nutrition plans for my”Couch to 35″ plan, I thought I’d share some of the best sites out there (that I’ve found, anyway) for fitness, nutrition, etc.  I’ll post others as I discover and use them. 🙂 For Specifics on Exercise Demos & Images One the… Continue reading Best Websites for Fitness & Nutrition

Ah, Yes…The Next Stage

A new year brings with her a new training program, route for More Than a Walkabout, and most certainly new adventures of many kinds! This final week of 2011 offers the less exciting task of planning the training regimen.  Having never been much of a cyclist, I will surely have some humorous mishaps as I… Continue reading Ah, Yes…The Next Stage