Week #7 Goal: Switch to a Stability Ball

Simple enough.  I started this on Monday when I had guests come in from out of town and I needed an extra seat.  And I suddenly remembered why it’s so highly recommended as a replacement for regular chairs.  My hips and lower back don’t hurt nearly as much after a day of sitting on a… Continue reading Week #7 Goal: Switch to a Stability Ball

9 Fitness Resources

I thought I’d share the resources I find this week, as well as the ones I already use.  Next up, I’ll provide reviews for them, once I’ve experienced them for a bit. Thus far, the resources I have found/use are: A sugar detox plan in Shape Magazine from April 2016–it’s a 3 week plan to… Continue reading 9 Fitness Resources

Stuck at a Desk All Day? Try This Out…

  Yesterday, I created the “desk jockey workout” challenge on Tribe Sports. And thought it would be a good thing to post on here. In the evenings, I’m on my feet for hours, but during the day, I’m stuck on my butt, writing, making calls, sending updates, etc., etc., etc.  So, this is something I… Continue reading Stuck at a Desk All Day? Try This Out…

Today’s Tip: Join Tribe Sports for a Little (or a lot of) Motivation

  Needing a little motivation to keep in step with your fitness and nutrition goals?  Then my quick, easy and fun tip today is for you! Join Tribe Sports!  Just that simple.  Join, write a brief fitness bio, look for a few tribes to join, find some challenges that help you meet your goals, and… Continue reading Today’s Tip: Join Tribe Sports for a Little (or a lot of) Motivation

Road Find of the Month Club

  So, yesterday, I posted on facebook that I had made an unexpected find on my walk: the mouthpiece of a trumpet.  A friend commented, telling me of the “Road Find of the Month Club,” in which some of her friends took the most unusual, craziest or funniest “treasures” from their walks, jogs, etc. and… Continue reading Road Find of the Month Club

Breathe Deeply, My Dear…

Well, today was an altogether delightful and odd day.  Well, maybe not altogether odd.  No, wait.  It was.  This day was spent by me, so it was odd. Okay, moving on… Enjoyed tea time with an inspiring lady (a woman in her 80s, who is active, writes novels, directs dramas, etc.), and then spent the… Continue reading Breathe Deeply, My Dear…

Rehearsing/Memorize/Workout in One

It must be a rather odd sight–a 30-year-old woman walking along the road, pages in hand, muttered words escaping her lips, shaking fists, shaking head, shrugging shoulders, scowling brow, and the seemingly random shout of anger toward an imaginary audience.  But this is sometimes the scenery along the highway near my home, where I walk,… Continue reading Rehearsing/Memorize/Workout in One