Week #8 Goal: Incorporate Regular Stretching

Maybe I’m a freak, but I hate stretching.  I mean, hate it to the point that I occasionally have skipped work-outs because I didn’t want to do my stretches post work-out.  Kinda sad, I know.  I mean, I love the way I feel after stretching.  That “hurts so good” kinda thing from getting that tension… Continue reading Week #8 Goal: Incorporate Regular Stretching

Week #7 Goal: Switch to a Stability Ball

Simple enough.  I started this on Monday when I had guests come in from out of town and I needed an extra seat.  And I suddenly remembered why it’s so highly recommended as a replacement for regular chairs.  My hips and lower back don’t hurt nearly as much after a day of sitting on a… Continue reading Week #7 Goal: Switch to a Stability Ball

Week #6 Goal: Get Up and Move Every Waking Hour

Days I work with clients are easy to get movement in for hours straight.  My job, thankfully, is quite active. But the days I do the “business” side of work, or writing or other work from home, I just don’t move much.  So, about 1/2 of my week is spent highly active, and the other… Continue reading Week #6 Goal: Get Up and Move Every Waking Hour

Week #3 Goal: Begin Martial Arts Class(es)

Okay, so this not at all what I would have expected my goal for this week would be.  But things change.  And due to some crazy going on in my life, my husband and I thought this would be a good challenge for me, along with the benefits of knowledge and strength trained in different muscles… Continue reading Week #3 Goal: Begin Martial Arts Class(es)

Finding the Right Fitness Buddies

We’ve all heard that same story.  “I want to lose weight.  I’m tired of being fat.  I know this isn’t good for me.”  Why do so many follow that up with these statements?  “But I like my food.  I want to change, but I’m not willing to.” I have two friends that I love dearly.… Continue reading Finding the Right Fitness Buddies

9 Fitness Resources

I thought I’d share the resources I find this week, as well as the ones I already use.  Next up, I’ll provide reviews for them, once I’ve experienced them for a bit. Thus far, the resources I have found/use are: A sugar detox plan in Shape Magazine from April 2016–it’s a 3 week plan to… Continue reading 9 Fitness Resources