Week #8 Goal: Incorporate Regular Stretching

Maybe I’m a freak, but I hate stretching.  I mean, hate it to the point that I occasionally have skipped work-outs because I didn’t want to do my stretches post work-out.  Kinda sad, I know.  I mean, I love the way I feel after stretching.  That “hurts so good” kinda thing from getting that tension… Continue reading Week #8 Goal: Incorporate Regular Stretching

All Right…Finally, the Flexibility Plan

I finally pulled out my old college (uni) fitness book that has some of the best stretching exercises I’ve seen and pieced together the flexibility plan. Please note: these stretches are different from pre-workout & post-workout stretching.  For pre-workout stretching, I use dynamic stretches (such as trunk twists, leg swings, arm swings, etc.), and post-workout… Continue reading All Right…Finally, the Flexibility Plan