Week #6 Goal: Get Up and Move Every Waking Hour

Days I work with clients are easy to get movement in for hours straight.  My job, thankfully, is quite active. But the days I do the “business” side of work, or writing or other work from home, I just don’t move much.  So, about 1/2 of my week is spent highly active, and the other… Continue reading Week #6 Goal: Get Up and Move Every Waking Hour

Goal Week #1 (of 39)–Compile Resources

With only 3 days left in the week, the goal has to be small.  And like all goals, it must be measurable, attainable, and beneficial in some way.  So I’ve chosen to compile resources for the coming weeks and months of this year. I’m looking for motivational tips, goal-setting helps, exercise program ideas, training goals,… Continue reading Goal Week #1 (of 39)–Compile Resources